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Mar 2016
Mar 17 2016 18:19
I have a quick question. I want to send my quad dynamic instructions while it's in flight. I have a program that is successfully arming and taking off but I am unable to get it to move anywhere after that. I noticed that the VehicleMode switches to "Guided" whenever it takes-off, what API or commands do I need to use in order to get it to move around in Guided Mode? Or should I use Auto mode and MissionAPI? I had previously tried MissionAPI and Auto mode but my quad is taking off, going forward, and crashing into the ground. It doesn't gain altitude as it heads to the first Waypoint.
Mar 17 2016 18:47
@MrTate8 Both Mission with Auto and manual control with Guided can be used. You should use whichever makes the most sense in your usecase. You should use Mission if you’re trying send a bunch of commands together and have it run them autonomously without any additional app control. Once you generate your mission, it will run them in sequence. I don’t know what your mission looks like, but if you’re taking off from the ground, make sure to add a TakeOff mission item to the mission. This will ensure that the vehicle takes off to a specified height.
If you want to control the vehicle manually when in Guided mode, use the ControlApi code. This allows you to send gps location, speed, and gimbal control to the vehicle