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Mar 2016
Mar 28 2016 04:32
Hi, During testing of my android 3dr drone kit application, the "auto" mode is not working. My application is crashing whenever I try to change the mode to auto. In the arming state it is in "Stabilize" mode and during take off it changes to "Guided" mode. Does anyone know the reason and solution for it?
Mar 28 2016 10:24
hello all, i have made a mobile application using drone kit android to control my quadcopter. Currently i connect to the quadcopter from my drone kit android using udp connection when the android and the copter are on same network. Now i want to make my application work if both devices are on different network i.e over the internet. Can anybody guide me what to do for this? thanks in advance
Mar 28 2016 13:27
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I have a question.I want to develop a android app to control my Pixhawk to take off and
fly in a planning route. How does the Pixhawk suppport it? Thanks for help.
Mathew Wright
Mar 28 2016 19:59
Hi all, I'm currently attempting to enable use of loiter to altitude points inside tower for use with planes. Looking through the code I'm assuming I need to add a class to dronekit for the loiter to altitude wp. Seems simple enough. I just wanted to make sure this is not already implemented somewhere that I'm missing before I attempt to implement it. Thanks.