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Apr 2016
Apr 05 2016 08:31 UTC
Are there any dronekit commands that allow an RC controller to override and take over commands sent by the app? For safety I want to be able to have the RC control the drone for backup incase the app malfunction or crashes mid flight.
Cee Jay
Apr 05 2016 12:19 UTC
@mliu1212 If I remember correctly pressing the pause button on the controller will stop the drone and allow the controller to override your application
Apr 05 2016 13:11 UTC

I'm implementing the PX4 profile on, if anyone is interested in helping out.

First problem I'm facing is that CommonApiUtils.startMission(...) expects an ArduPilot instance. Is it a matter of replacing the first parameter from ArduPilot to MavLinkDrone or it goes deeper than that?

Is there some online documentation on the API?

Apr 05 2016 16:30 UTC
@ChrisJLester We are using a DX6i controller which I don't believe has a pause button? We have switches that change the mode of the drone, but we are finding that even when using the RC to switch mode our app still has control over the drone instead of the RC.
Apr 05 2016 23:17 UTC
Guys, is there any method already made so we know somehow when the Solo has the GPS lock done. I don't want to start my app before it's done, but I can't see any confirmation of that status in the GPS methods. HELP pls!