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Apr 2016
Ahmed Agbabiaka
Apr 07 2016 03:21
@pablomar13 you can use the class. provides many ways to determine GPS lock.
Apr 07 2016 19:11
@franknitty69 I've checked that lib but there's nothing concrete, like a boolean variable, that tells me when the Gps lock has been done. There's a few static constants like LOCK2D or LOCK3D, but I don’t know what they mean and how to use them, because Gps.LOCK_2D or Gps.LOCK_3D gives a String...
Modifier and Type Field and Description
static android.os.Parcelable.Creator<Gps> CREATOR
static String LOCK_2D
static String LOCK_3D
static String LOCK_3D_DGPS
static String LOCK_3D_RTK
static String NO_FIX
Modifier and Type Method and Description
int describeContents()
boolean equals(Object o)
String getFixStatus()
int getFixType()
double getGpsEph()
LatLong getPosition()
int getSatellitesCount()
int hashCode()
boolean isValid()
void setFixType(int mFixType)
void setGpsEph(double mGpsEph)
void setPosition(LatLong mPosition)
void setSatCount(int mSatCount)
String toString()
void writeToParcel(android.os.Parcel dest, int flags)
Any idea?