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May 2016
May 10 2016 19:13
Hello, I have two activities. The first one is the login activity and the second one is the drone page, where it shows vehicle telemetry, drone connections and locates the drone on the google maps. When the drone is connected and flying, if I lock the screen of the tablet and unlock it, the login page pops up and after entering the login details it goes back to the drone activity, but loses connection to the drone. I can use savedInstanceState to restore the UI objects and create service for each task so that it runs in background even when activity is not visible. But, it seems to be a very complex solution since there are a lot of UI objects associated and also Google Maps. I also tried to implement AsyncTasks. Do you have any better solution for that? The connection is fine when I do not ask for login after unlocking the screen. But, in the current use case I need to ask the user to login whenever screen locks.