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Jun 2016
Kelly Schrock
Jun 19 2016 17:58 UTC
Hi, I assume dronekit-android is still being maintained? I'm looking for some of the new SoloMessageShot code, for ZipLine and the new Smart Shots. Thanks.
Bill Bonney
Jun 19 2016 19:57 UTC
@kellyschrock That’s handled on the Solo’s onboard computer. The code is not OSS.
Kelly Schrock
Jun 19 2016 21:06 UTC
@billbonney The dronekit-android library has classes and constants for communicating with the Solo for Orbit, Cable Cam, Selfie, etc., and it's this code I'm referring to. I was asking if there's any new development on that library which would incorporate support for the new Shots the Solo supports as of 2.4.0. And actually, I don't know if you can consider the Solo's ShotManager code as "OSS" or not, but it certainly is plainly visible as .py files on the Solo, in /usr/bin.
Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Jun 19 2016 21:48 UTC
@kellyschrock I'm no longer a 3DR employee, so I have about the same level of access you all have with regard to the new smart shots.
@kellyschrock that said, as you pointed out, most of that information can be obtained from the python source code, so in due time, i might update the current code base to match, but this is currently not a high priority for me.
@kellyschrock I'd gladly review, and merge PRs that updates the current code base though
@rmackay9 thanks for the update!
@mwrightE38 glad you were able to get it to work.