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Jun 2016
Ahmed Agbabiaka
Jun 22 2016 00:58
@pablomar13 AVD cannot use wifi. you have to run your app on a physical device and it must be connected to the same network that the SITL instance is running on. then you need to get the ip address of the android device and add it as an output in the SITL instance. you'll also need to ensure that your app connects to the correct protocol and port.
Jun 22 2016 02:02
*sigh... I guess risking the hardware is the way to go. Thanks @franknitty69
Jun 22 2016 05:18
@pablomar13 On dronekit-android side, it’s already taken care of for you. If you change the build variant for ServiceApp to sitlDebug, it will build a version of dronekit-android that uses the local IP address. All you need to do is set up SITL using the Android’s IP address. Not sure if this is up to date or not, but take a look at this for more info on SITL.
Jun 22 2016 16:18
@chaviw that's definitely what I wanted to do. Thanks a lot.
Phu Nguyen
Jun 22 2016 20:24
Hamish Willee
Jun 22 2016 23:52
@pablomar13 @chaviw The DK-Python SITL docs also provide some guidance: