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Jul 2016
Kelly Schrock
Jul 24 2016 02:27
Took another shot at it. This time, it was 90% fine. It got stuck once, so I just did another shot and it un-stuck when I ended the second one. Kind of a proper puzzle.
Jul 24 2016 16:49
@kellyschrock maybe it's a GoPro thing... Or a gimbal thing... Inconsistent results. For my code, I get 91% success. 3% gimbal failure, 2% camera failure, and 4% unknown errors... Out of 1000 try outs. It's not bad at all all things considered, but still puzzles me that camera or gimbal fail in such a random way.
Jul 24 2016 17:05
Go pro needs about 2.3 seconds between pictures to recover. This is a good rule of thumb we've developed at 3dr based as a good amount of testing.