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Sep 2016
Kelly Schrock
Sep 13 2016 01:22
@pablomar13 I do, in several places. No issues here. Then again, I haven't embedded the latest in the app. I tested pretty thoroughly with a previous version (which had some extra stuff in it). I tried an update, got some errors. I was crunched for time, and had to revert. I have it on my list to find out what's going on, but I haven't gotten to it yet.
Sep 13 2016 02:37
@kellyschrock I was using it to orientate the drone towards the North. Now it's not working...
Sep 13 2016 04:02
Hi, I added the API key but the map tiles still doesnt show up. Error:Authentication failed on the server. But I tried this API key with another basic Google map acctivity, it works?
Bill Bonney
Sep 13 2016 06:12
@ne0fhyk got there in the end and have the build working. Was Kotlin was not installed. Just by viewing the DroneShareDB.kt file it requested to install the plugin and everything now works.
very stange as the build succeeds and installs, but the error message is like you would expect when a class is not there, just not sure how I show what failed to load...
Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Sep 13 2016 18:46
@billbonney great to hear!
@mJaneBP make sure you follow the instructions @
@mJaneBP and check that the correct build variant is selected. the app has a different package id for each build variant.