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Sep 2016
Sep 24 2016 01:44
Hello, one little question that is kinda irrelevant to Droid Planner: how can I.....connect/read/write to Nexus7 serial port (Pixhawk-Nexus connection)? I'm using Qt (C++, qml not Java) and keep getting permission error. Like "Permission error while creating log file" (after QSerial.connect("ttyACM0)) :( I tried "su -c chmod 666 /dev/ttyACM0" via terminal simulator to grant the ttyACM0 port r/w permission to all users (maybe that's off as well), and then run Tower, but still port permission error when click connect USB.
Port ttyACM0 only shows up when I connect Pixhawk
Basically, how can I talk to the serial port in my Nexus like we would in Windows? >< Any and every help is much appreciated.
Sep 24 2016 01:52
Also yeah that means no 3DR services (+_+)
Bill Bonney
Sep 24 2016 14:31
@ne0fhyk you around to check dronekit/dronekit-android#445