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Sep 2016
Sep 28 2016 03:35
any suggestions?
Sep 28 2016 16:09
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hi guys, i have a project that need to import module from Dronekit-android, and then when im import ClientLib and MAVLink module to my project, and editing some gradle in my project this is happening :
anyone can help me about that error. im newbie at this :worried:
Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Sep 28 2016 16:21
@NbagusW the telltale if the following line: unsupported class file version 52.0
@NbagusW there's a discrepancy between the java version you're using and the one used to build part of the project
@NbagusW try performing a clean build, and attempt to build again. If that fails, switch your java version, and repeat the procedure.
Sep 28 2016 16:24
ehmm i already clean build and when im build apk,that happening again. So should downgrade my java ver. Thanks for helping @ne0fhyk ill try it :D .Ill report again after that.