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Oct 2016
Oct 03 2016 14:49
@ne0fhyk i already downgrade it, use java v 7, then no error and i build apk, but there is a problems when its done, the directory apk explorer not showin *.apk but its contains some folder like this.
Oct 03 2016 14:54
@caplan hemmhh please help, well how to fix it, im newbie at java an android studio, i think its new challenges for me ..
im using ClientLib and MavLink module,cause i need
import; there is some command that i need. to sending some pitch ,roll ,or yaw,manually. any advise master?
Oct 03 2016 16:13
圖片 1.png
this is my new project about tower gradle, i know the link in libaraies file, but i don't know how to add in my project, help me to fix that :worried:
Roger Caplan
Oct 03 2016 17:01
@NbagusW in Mavlink/build.gradle, add this right after the apply plugin: 'java' line:
sourceCompatibility = JavaVersion.VERSION_1_7
targetCompatibility = JavaVersion.VERSION_1_7