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Oct 2016
Kelly Schrock
Oct 16 2016 20:31
Hi @ne0fhyk quick question about parameter messages. For some reason, when I first start my Solo and connect to it, it starts sending a huge volume of PARAMETERS_RECEIVED messages at my app. This is without me calling VehicleApi.refreshParameters() on it, it's spontaneous. This wouldn't be much of an issue, except that it never appears to finish with them In each PARAMETERS_RECEIVED messages there are 2 extras for index and total count. When it's doing this, the index starts at 0 and ends at about 49 or so (with 3-4 in either direction), then starts again. I get one message about every 3ms, and it tends to overwhelm the app when it happens. Would you have any idea how I could prevent this happening? I've tried requesting parameters when I connect, thinking maybe that will satisfy its urge to send them, but it didn't seem to work. Thanks!
Note that it doesn't always do this, but it does about 50% of the time.