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Nov 2016
Nov 26 2016 09:28

its a phyton code :

`# Set vehicle mode and armed attributes (the only settable attributes)
print "Set Vehicle.mode=GUIDED (currently: %s)" %
vehicle.mode = VehicleMode("GUIDED")
vehicle.flush() # Flush to guarantee that previous writes to the vehicle have taken place
while not'GUIDED' and not api.exit: #Wait until mode has changed
print " Waiting for mode change ..."

print "Set Vehicle.armed=True (currently: %s)" % vehicle.armed
vehicle.armed = True
while not vehicle.armed and not api.exit:
print " Waiting for arming..."

hi guys, how can i call vehicle.flush() in java dronekit android like that dronekit phytone.. ty guys, hopefully someone can help me at this.

Bill Bonney
Nov 26 2016 16:58
@NbagusW you don’t need to
and flush AFAIR was removed from dronekit-python 2.0
Peng Cheng
Nov 26 2016 23:33
I advise you to forward the question to dronekit-python channel, this is for pure java library
@NbagusW sorry didn't read your question carefully :-)
this is the right place