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Dec 2016
Bill Bonney
Dec 17 2016 18:27
sorry, I quickly looked at that, my mistake

I think the issue is that you need to keep sedning the message

From Copter 3.3 the vehicle will stop moving if a new message is not received in approximately 3 seconds. Prior to Copter 3.3 the message only needs to be sent once, and the velocity remains active until the next movement command is received. The example code works for both cases!

You don’t need to call enableManualControl for ArduCopter if you ahve already set the mode to GUIDED. Calling ControlAPI enableManualControl puts the drone in GUIDED mode.
@AndiSuryaR See coments above
This sounds like a great option for a companion computer running Android
and due to the modularity of dronekit-android, you could have an instance running on an Android Things companion computer acting as server to another instance running as client on an Android device :smile: