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Dec 2016
Dec 19 2016 11:52

@AndiSuryaR i already try it too, using manualControl(vx,vy,vz); in guided mode
and then i have same problems like you sir, i can send vz (thrust) by keeping send the messege, but when i try it on vx (pitch velocity) , it didnt move .
ps : my copter version same as ur copter version 3.3.2

how did it happen, with same void function vz work well ,is the vx didnt work..?
is that a bug :/
hopefully someone can help problems at this..
@billbonney @ne0fhyk

should i try it in the different copter verison :/ ?
Dec 19 2016 15:53
@ne0fhyk Looks awesome!!