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Jan 2017
Jan 18 2017 03:28

why i use manualcontrol and when i used vx and vy didn't work, can u help me? maybe there is something wrong with my method?

case AttributeEvent.STATE_VEHICLE_MODE:
State vehicleState = this.drone.getAttribute(AttributeType.STATE);
VehicleMode vehicleMode = vehicleState.getVehicleMode();
if (vehicleMode==VehicleMode.COPTER_GUIDED){
ControlApi.getApi(this.drone).manualControl(1f,0,0,null); }

Jan 18 2017 07:33
@IFollowHeinrich_twitter To modify the tlog file, you’ll need to make changes on the vehicle. It’s completely possible you just need to make sure the data is in the mavlink message format so the tlog parser can handle the data
IchFolge Heinrich
Jan 18 2017 13:14
@chaviw is it even possible if the extra data i want to log ist only on the mobile device aka Tower app?