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Mar 2017
Mar 18 2017 01:35
@kevinhoffy It depends on what you're trying to accomplish. If you're planning on using some of the radio components on Android (like wifi/bluetooth/ble), I suggest you use a minimum of Lollipop. There are a lot of issues with pre L. That also goes for the video decoder. Basically I suggest have a minimum of Lollipop, but the later you go, the fewer problems with hardware compatibility you'll have
@Saravana-G Change the build variant to debug and you should be fine
@fernando-s97 Sorry there hasn't been a more recent version of dronekit android. There hasn't been too much work on it recently. You can also find a helpful example in which should be up to date. The Tower app,, should also be helpful because it has a lot of features implemented
@abencomo Starting with dronekit version 3.0.1, you can use it standalone without 3DR Services. See Packets were always able to get sent over bluetooth and wifi. should help with the types of connections that are supported