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May 2017
May 09 2017 16:15
What cool things can we do using Dronekit Android
Fernando de Oliveira Santos
May 09 2017 18:35
@abencomo Al B, I'm starting with dronekit, can you tell me where's this example and wich version of dronekit you're using? thanks
Al Bee
May 09 2017 19:26

@fernando-s97 , I'm using the latest code from Master. Regarding an example, just start with the MainActivity example under dronekit-android/samples/StarterApp/src/main/java/org/droidplanner/sample/hellodrone/

@Biswajit1995, you could do thing like flying offboard autonomously using an Android device as shown here:

May 09 2017 19:45

Hi all
I'm trying to create simple mission:

Mission myMission = new Mission();
Takeoff to = new Takeoff();
ReturnToLaunch rtl = new ReturnToLaunch();
//set Altitude in meters

The problem is that sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't...
I don't know why it not working... I'm not getting any errors in the code.

I'm listening to the



but only the AttributeEvent.MISSION_UPDATED is fired when I run the code.
I just don't understand why it is working sometimes and sometimes not.

I did make sure that the drone connected to the app.
Also I made sure that the drone is ok, and arm-able.
I really stuck here... and any help will be appreciated.

Fernando de Oliveira Santos
May 09 2017 19:49
Hello everyone, is there any tutorial explaning how to simple connect to a drone, make it fly and get any data from it? This seems pretty simple stuffs, but I can't find it anywhere. My only hope are you all. Thanks
May 09 2017 19:54
@fernando-s97 there is no video tutorial yet. However as people above suggested you can use the starter pack
It is pretty straight forward and self explanatory.
Fernando de Oliveira Santos
May 09 2017 19:58
@Zerakul I understood almost everything, but what I'm not understanding is why the newUsbConnection requires just the baudrate. Shouldn't i have to specify the usb port either?
May 09 2017 20:04
@fernando-s97 EDIT:
Sorry I understood your question wrong.
I think the USB port managed by the 3DR services, that's why you don't need to specify the port. 3DR services identify on which port the telemetry radio connected.
Fernando de Oliveira Santos
May 09 2017 20:10
Oh, I get it!! I'll try here and check how things go. Thank you a lot @Zerakul you've saved my day kk
@Zerakul which value should I put in eventsDispatchingPeriod for newUsbConnection?
May 09 2017 20:26

Again, as stated in the library it is pretty straight.

eventsDispatchingPeriod Dictates how long (in milliseconds) to wait before dispatching
buffered drone events. A value of OL means events should be
dispatched as soon as they are received.

Fernando de Oliveira Santos
May 09 2017 20:29
@Zerakul Where is this library you are getting those infos?
May 09 2017 20:31
@fernando-s97 if you are using android studio Ctrl+click on the method name will open the method inside the class.
Fernando de Oliveira Santos
May 09 2017 20:37
@Zerakul Thanks man, you've saved my entire project lol. Everything is working as spected!! Thanks a lot!