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Jun 2018
Jun 27 2018 10:38
@SeanBarber , I am doing like this:
VehicleApi.getApi(drone).setVehicleMode(VehicleMode.COPTER_GUIDED, new AbstractCommandListener() {
public void onSuccess() {
Log.d("ChangeVehicleMode", "Vehicle mode change successful.");
        public void onError(int executionError) {
            Log.d("ChangeVehicleMode", "Vehicle mode change fail.");

        public void onTimeout() {
            Log.d("ChangeVehicleMode", "Vehicle mode change timed out.");
You are experiencing an odd behavior. Are you sure you do not have an parallel code changing it to Auto again?
Sean Barber
Jun 27 2018 14:46
@e-mendes Interesting, I think the problem I am having is the mission is being sent to the drone multiple times. I will check into it. Thanks so much.