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Aug 2018
Aug 19 2018 16:31
You do not need a companion computer for it, but you can have one. You just need a way to connect your app to the telemetry portof the Flight Controller. That can be using an wifi serial adapter, by bluetooth, or by specific radios... I do not know what cames with skyviper, but probably it brings some wifi connectivity.
Esteban Gallardo
Aug 19 2018 19:30
Thanks for replying @e-mendes !! I found out in the documentation of Sky Viper ( the next reference: When on WiFi the drone broadcasts MAVLink traffic on UDP port 14550. Start up your favourite GCS and ask it to connect to port 14550 on UDP.
That's pretty similar to the way I've been working: -L 3DRBerkeley --map --console --out
But there has been no luck to connect to the drone. I've made a question in Ardupilot forum because I really don't know what I am missing.