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Shubham Baranwal
Hi everyone. In the dronekit documentation, it is written that
"It is good practice to assign a unique id for every system on the MAVLink network. It is possible to configure the autopilot to only respond to guided-mode commands from a specified GCS ID."
Can someone tell me how to assign unique ID for a system and is there any provision to change that ID with authentication only?
I could see that there is an option for signing mavlink messages on https://mavlink.io/en/guide/message_signing.html but is there any implementation through dronekit?
Jaime Machuca
The SYSID_THISMAV is the is for the drone, SYSID_MYGCS this is the parameter to restrict what GCS it responds to. If you use mavlink2 and sign the packets then it will reject packets not signed correctly. Not sure if dronekit supports mavlink2 and packer signing.
@ @BAmercury I'm trying to use ROS2, but I'm having difficulty due to lack of knowledge of ROS2. Can you indicate a ready implementation with ROS to capture images from the camera? Am I thinking of switching to PX4 firmware?
Brian Amin
@filereno I might have to try it myself and report back, but the camera object used in the Ardupilot plugin for Gazebo is just the standard camera. So it should be publishing the image data to a topic that can be subscribed using ROS. There might be some people in the Vision Projects gitter channel that have already done this
Sonu Gadewar
Hey everyone 😇, how to run latest arducopter firmware with SITL ?
What do I need to check to have RC channel overrides work for arduplane? I'm trying to set elevator servo PWM by uav.channels.overrides['2'] = 1950 (in a loop) for example, but none of that does anything. Stabilization works though. Here's a list of params I'm setting after startup:
uav.parameters['AHRS_ORIENTATION'] = 20; #roll 270

uav.parameters['SYSID_THISMAV'] = 255;
uav.parameters['SYSID_MYGCS'] = 255;
for i in range(1,5):
    uav.parameters['RC{}_MIN'.format(i)] = 1000;
    uav.parameters['RC{}_MAX'.format(i)] = 2100;
    uav.parameters['RC{}_TRIM'.format(i)] = 1500;

uav.parameters['RC_OPTIONS'] = 2; #ignore failsafe
uav.parameters['ARMING_REQUIRE'] = 0;
uav.parameters['ARMING_CHECK'] = 0;
uav.parameters['INS_GYR_CAL'] = 0;
uav.parameters['FLTMODE_CH'] = 0;

uav.parameters['SERVO2_REVERSED'] = 1;
uav.parameters['SERVO4_REVERSED'] = 1;

uav.armed = True;

uav.mode = dronekit.VehicleMode('MANUAL');

while True:
    uav.channels.overrides['2'] = 1950;
Charles Todd
I have a navio2/raspberry pi 3b combination. Has anybody used a rpi camera with their drone to receive video feed through a python script. Essentially what I have setup is I am flying autonomous missions through python scripts in Visual Studio Code. I want to get the camera feed through my com4 telemetry module along with the vehicle object. Anybody know if that is possible?

What do I need to check to have RC channel overrides work for arduplane? I'm trying to set elevator servo PWM by uav.channels.overrides['2'] = 1950 (in a loop) for example, but none of that does anything.

Nevermind, I found the problem. RC_OPTIONS was wrong, it should be 69, which is given my the bitmask 1<<0|1<<2|1<<6.

@Therkc Hi charles , how did dronekit connect to navio2 ? It fails to connect when i try mine . What version of emlid raspbian do you have ?
Eesh Vij
@Therkc I am not sure if that is possible because typically a telemetry module works over serial RF I believe and not wifi so streaming would not be possible. But I am not experienced with the Navio 2 so I may stand corrected.
I'm new to drone-kit and I am still working my way through the different navigation techniques and I was wondering if there is any way to move the drone relative to its position? Such as saying go 5m forward, or like strafe 2m right. Right now all the documentation I've seen points to using absolute longitude and latitude. Any help would be appreciated!
Hi all, can someone assist me with capturing an image via raspberry pi camera?
I'm trying to capture with two modes - MAV_CMD_IMAGE_START_CAPTURE & MAV_CMD_IMAGE_STOP_CAPTURE and it seems like there are not issues but I don't know where it saves the captured images since I was never defined it.
hi guys
does anyone know if the raw command:"MAV_CMD_CONDITION_YAW" can be used under GUide_NOGPS mode?
Hello guys , i have a some problems . I can't find a function to rotate the drone on its own axis. Or is there not one? Please would be very helpful.
Brian Amin
@mares1105 do you mean give the drone a yaw command?
hello - im having connectivity issues with drone kit connecting to a serial port on my raspberry pi, but no issues doing the same on mavlink
any suggestions?
hi guys, does any of you know what function can do detection for "Thru %", like "vehicle.attitude()" can do drone's attitude detection....anybody thanks in advance!
what is the current status of dronekit 2.9.2 in python3? Does it fully support the latest python3? Anybody knows?
hi guys, we want to connect to a fixed wing but we get an error message like this dronekit-sitl plane (terminal 1)
mavproxy.py --master tcp: --out 127.0.0:14550 --out --map --console(terminal 2)
I get this message in terminal 2 -" no link
link 1 down
no link"
Will be happy if anybody is able to help me
check the connected port of your FC
I try to use raspberry pi to comunicate with pixhawk from my desktop with script down below
[mavproxy.py --master=/dev/serial0 --baudrate 57600 --aircraft MyCopter]
and it works, I can control pixhawk by rasp set (arm safetyon)
but when I ran the python script that an instructor provide, it fail and keep showing this
So I try to run the "hello drone" script that provides by 3DR, but it doesn't work too.
I've install dronekit and dronekit sitl, can anyone find out what I've mistaken
Durgesh Pachghare
Hello, I wanted to know how can we call the function distance_home() to get the distance from the home location. I tried to use vehicle.location.distance_home() but it says no attribute
Durgesh Pachghare
is this correct? vehicle.location.local_frame.distance_home()
Durgesh Pachghare
Juan de Dios Yáñez
Hello, I am looking for some VTOL model for Gazebo that works with Ardupilot. There is a VTOL model but as far as I know it only works with PX4. Does anyone have a VTOL model, or information about it? I would be very grateful.

@Inv3nt0r1, yes this is correct


But you need to have the EKF initialized, and have actual local positions (NED). See code_distance.

gey guys
I wonder what does "vehicle.rangefinder.distance" physically mean?
@Inv3nt0r1 yeah i am aware of this demo
but what i wanna ask is: does this distance mean how long the vehicle has ran by
or the distance between where the vehicle is and the its start point?
It depends on how you are using it. If you have attached it facing downwards and configured it in ardupilot to use for precision landing, then it will give the distance of your drone from the land. (in meters)
oh, that's very detailed!
thanks you !
@Inv3nt0r1 btw master
do you know who to observe throttle para. within script?
I already did observation of groundspeed, alt. and battery info.
Durgesh Pachghare
@Guohao91 I just started learning dronekit codebase. I have read a little about attribute listeners, which enables you to monitor any attribute change without polling. I don't know whether any attribute represents throttle but you can search here: https://dronekit-python.readthedocs.io/en/latest/guide/vehicle_state_and_parameters.html#vehicle-state-observe-attributes
thank you!
but this is what I already studied