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So I try to run the "hello drone" script that provides by 3DR, but it doesn't work too.
I've install dronekit and dronekit sitl, can anyone find out what I've mistaken
Durgesh Pachghare
Hello, I wanted to know how can we call the function distance_home() to get the distance from the home location. I tried to use vehicle.location.distance_home() but it says no attribute
Durgesh Pachghare
is this correct? vehicle.location.local_frame.distance_home()
Durgesh Pachghare
Juan de Dios Yáñez
Hello, I am looking for some VTOL model for Gazebo that works with Ardupilot. There is a VTOL model but as far as I know it only works with PX4. Does anyone have a VTOL model, or information about it? I would be very grateful.

@Inv3nt0r1, yes this is correct


But you need to have the EKF initialized, and have actual local positions (NED). See code_distance.

gey guys
I wonder what does "vehicle.rangefinder.distance" physically mean?
@Inv3nt0r1 yeah i am aware of this demo
but what i wanna ask is: does this distance mean how long the vehicle has ran by
or the distance between where the vehicle is and the its start point?
It depends on how you are using it. If you have attached it facing downwards and configured it in ardupilot to use for precision landing, then it will give the distance of your drone from the land. (in meters)
oh, that's very detailed!
thanks you !
@Inv3nt0r1 btw master
do you know who to observe throttle para. within script?
I already did observation of groundspeed, alt. and battery info.
Durgesh Pachghare
@Guohao91 I just started learning dronekit codebase. I have read a little about attribute listeners, which enables you to monitor any attribute change without polling. I don't know whether any attribute represents throttle but you can search here:
thank you!
but this is what I already studied
Hi, Does DroneKit 2.9 works with Python 3?
I meat does dronekit 2.9.2 works with python 3?
yes it does
i am using python3 in Linux now
@Guohao91 Thanks!
does anyone know if the raw command "mavutil.mavlink.MAV_CMD_CONDITION_YAW" can be used under NoGPS mode?
does anybody know why mavutil.mavlink.MAV_FRAME_BODY_OFFSET_NED doesn't work with Rover? any other command that can send velocity movement to Rover?
Eesh Vij
Does anyone know how I can send continuous yaw correction to the aircraft without the yaw commands overriding each other? For instance if I want the aircraft to follow me and I am constantly sending it yaw commands for heading correction in accordance to how I move.
does anyone has sent pozyx data to a drone using dronekit and ardupilot ?
I am having timeout exception after a number of wait_ready calls continously untill home locaiton is received. Do any of you know the solution?
Suvrajit Sarkar
Has anybody implemented dronekit with naze32?
can somebody help me with this issue dronekit/dronekit-python#1033
Hi, I'm following this guide I'm at 'Connecting an additional Ground Station'
when I execute the command --master tcp: --sitl --out --out the file opens up
it opens in visual studio code, but as per a tutorial I saw this shouldn't happen
can someone pls help?
I'm on Windows 10
I uninstalled visual studio code, now I'm getting The system cannot execute the specified program.
I used the command by navigating to file, that worked
python --master tcp: --sitl --out --out
Dear All, I am a student. For my Master Thesis i am working on a project where - I am trying to create an indoor (warehouse) environment, in that indoor environment I want to fly my SITL drone and want to simulate the performance. Now I want to create the environment with Gazebo and using ardupilot- gazebo i can put my SITL drone into it. Now to write the autonomous software I want to use Dronekit (because of better documentation ). I really need some help from some one who has experience with similar project. I would really appreciate any of your suggestions or responses. One thing : I am completely new with this stuffs - even new in this kind of communities ..
Hi everyone, i have an interesting problem. Although the mavlink connection is successful, the drone data does not appear in the software and the drone does not move. In fact, the drone is connected and the task begins. However, it seems as if it has never been connected on the mission planner screen. Waiting in case of disarm. Does anyone have an idea about this issue?
Hi all, I have a question. I'm running dronekit on a virtual machine running linux 16.04 and on the same PC I'm running mission planner. I'm trying to connect dronekit via 3dr radio. I'm using mavproxy as the master and then I'm forking out to 2 udp ports as follows: