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Feb 2015
Chris Toshok
Feb 06 2015 02:31
looks like spectral_norm allocates a lot of large objects
i added another layer of allocation to Blocks (we mmap in 32M chunks at a time and them alloc Blocks from there), and the only remaining calls to mmap were for 8k/12k objects
Chris Toshok
Feb 06 2015 19:21
woohoo, cribbing sgen’s LOSSection implementation for a medium arena is a huge win
pidigits before: 15seconds. pidigits after: 4 seconds.
cpython is ~6 seconds
Kevin Modzelewski
Feb 06 2015 20:35
Chris Toshok
Feb 06 2015 20:41
need to clean it up massively, it’s basically a c&p job + some renaming