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Feb 2015
Yury Zhuravlev
Feb 25 2015 03:36
Can I use my LLVM for Pyston without patchset?
Kevin Modzelewski
Feb 25 2015 06:58
unfortunately, no
In theory it's possible, but it would take someone volunteering some time to sort through the issues
Yury Zhuravlev
Feb 25 2015 12:28
And as far as this patchset is safe? Will not it damage the Clang, AMD shader compiler?
Marius Wachtler
Feb 25 2015 12:57
AFAIK it passes all llvm regression tests. also you don't have to install it on your system. it will get executed from the build directory
Yury Zhuravlev
Feb 25 2015 13:45
Thank U. I just think about ebuilds.