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May 2015
Chris Toshok
May 03 2015 03:38
yeah cpython does those tricks in a couple places (with a 1-ref object), I think
Travis Hance
May 03 2015 03:39
do you have any idea why it refuses to resize empty tuples?
Kevin Modzelewski
May 03 2015 05:38
sounds like they've run into bugs where they were accidentally shared but still passed into that method
maybe something like expecting that you can do PyTuple_Resize(PyTuple_New(n)), which could potentially fail if n==0 and you tried to return a shared object
Travis Hance
May 03 2015 05:38
Daniel Agar
May 03 2015 15:27
@tjhance you can add ignore = dirty to .gitmodules
Travis Hance
May 03 2015 18:07
I already added ignore = untracked :)