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May 2015
May 10 2015 00:05
@toshok Rpython is literally just python. They do flow analysis on the python2 bytecode and then generate static types from that. They also have magic python decorators the analyzer detects.
The Pypy tracing jit doesn't actually trace python code. It traces the rpython code too.
which is why it is called meta tracing
so it is jitting the interpreter itself which kind of blew my mind before.
/end offtopic :P
Chris Toshok
May 10 2015 22:28
Yup, it traces an interpreter for Python. Pretty wacky, but aligns nicely with analysis/abstract interpretation
May 10 2015 23:37
Yeah, and the GC for it is also for the language the interpreter is at.
It is really a cool design - and nice as a framework.
Does pyston use GC for all objects? or only for vm level objects.
If you get what I mean.
Travis Hance
May 10 2015 23:46
only for vm level objects, if I understand your question
with a few exceptions, nearly every object that the GC handles is a Python object