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Aug 2015
Rudi Chen
Aug 07 2015 18:35
@Daetalus Sorry for the late reply. Right now typing format in the interpreter throws ../../src/runtime/types.cpp:1485: pyston::BoxedString *builtinFunctionOrMethodRepr(pyston::BoxedBuiltinFunctionOrMethod *): Assertion `false' failed: builtinFunctionOrMethodRepr not properly implemented
That's why I meant.
Aug 07 2015 18:39
That's ok.
Weird, format work fine with me, I just add complex support to format.
Never mind.
Aug 07 2015 19:23

Quote from the comment in CPython float comparison function:

(Float)Comparison is pretty much a nightmare.

During add full support to complex, I realized that our float comparision seems need to complete rewrite.IMHO, it totally wrong... Just one case:

>>> a = 1.152921504606847e+18
>>> b = 1152921504606846977
>>> a == b

I decide to use copy CPython float comparision code. But it will let the PR get bigger. Should I to create a PR with some common complex functions first?

The code in above was run in Pyston. CPython will return False
Kevin Modzelewski
Aug 07 2015 19:40
oh, yeah adopting the cpython comparison code is probably a good idea
sounds like a fun source of subtle bugs if we don't :)
it'd be nice to keep the changes separated if possible
Aug 07 2015 19:40
Ok, thanks!