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Sep 2015
Marius Wachtler
Sep 03 2015 13:32
django_template3 produces a ICInvalidator::dependents with more than 2000 entries. Is this normal or is there some bug?
Marius Wachtler
Sep 03 2015 15:02
I plan to speedup the old style class support (I made a simple old vs new style class benchmark and the oldstyle classes turned out to be 4 times slower). I would like to get rewriting working but now I'm unsure where I have to plugin. Is the right way to add to all instance_cls->giveAttr a tpp_call which will then do the rewriting? (hopefully not :D)
or can I handle it more generically inside getattrInternal etc?
Marius Wachtler
Sep 03 2015 20:58
Kevin Modzelewski
Sep 03 2015 21:05
hmm not sure about the ICInvalidator thing
I've never looked into it that much so I wouldn't be surprised if it had some bad behavior :P
and yeah I think the only mechanism we have right now is to add internal_callables to all the instance_cls functions :/
maybe the functions themselves are similar enough that we can use a small number of implementations to support all of them?