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Sep 2015
Vinzenz Feenstra
Sep 17 2015 09:58
@kmod Your patch has been merged now. I have been on vacation that's why I haven't had the time to merge it.
Kevin Modzelewski
Sep 17 2015 10:00
thanks :)
did you have a good vacation?
Marius Wachtler
Sep 17 2015 20:58
lxml triggers the callCLFunc return value is non null but error is set assert: ASSERT(!PyErr_Occurred(), "%p", chosen_cf->code);
the executed function is AttrWrapper:::getitem and the error is set already before entering the function (thats why it's also succesfully returning the correct value)
does this mean that I have to track down what function got called before because it's missing a C++ exception throw or didn't return NULL even though a error has orruried. or is it sometimes allowed to call stuff even if a error is set aka. the assert is too specific?
Marius Wachtler
Sep 17 2015 21:04
I'm asking because removing the assert let's the test pass
Kevin Modzelewski
Sep 17 2015 23:05
hmm I guess it's possible that an extension sets and error but returns normally, and we'd want to handle (not assert on) that
I think the asserts are usually good though since it's more often the case that we forgot to check for an exception somewhere