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Sep 2015
Marius Wachtler
Sep 28 2015 16:04 is really slow today (+weekend) I think this causes the clang++-3.5: command not found build errors I'm seeing often recently
I found a mailing list post with the same problem:
Kevin Modzelewski
Sep 28 2015 21:25
yeah I think it's just being really slow :/
was seeing those failures last week too
but rerunning the tests later would work
it's weird that the apt source being unavailable wouldn't show up
anyway, hopefully they get faster again so we don't have to find some other way to get the packages
re pypy_version, I think any way of handling that is fine.
I would have guessed that leaving it defined and then dealing with the issues would be easier than leaving it undefined, but you have the most experience with it :)
Marius Wachtler
Sep 28 2015 21:41
yeah it's really wired that it does not display a message. just by looking at the log it would look like it just forget to install it :-D