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Oct 2015
Marius Wachtler
Oct 02 2015 16:25
I will think about it :-)

What I just noticed:

                                  Broadwell  Ivy Bridge   
     2.5s (4)   2.7s (4)
           1.4s (4)   2.2s (4)    2.0s (4)   2.7s (4)
                       geomean    1.9s       2.5s

The notebook with the broadwell is generally much faster than the single threaded perf of the server but I'm wondering what special about the django because the perf is nearly the same... maybe a lot of memory accesses??? (I don't think it's really the arch why it's so much faster probable more likely that it's turbo mode which the notebook can use so I probably should not have named them after the arch)

Kevin Modzelewski
Oct 02 2015 19:31
oh interesting