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Nov 2015
Kevin Modzelewski
Nov 07 2015 20:34
ooh we had 9k visitors to the blog for the release post :)
I feel like we didn't get as many comments as usual (both on the blog or on social media)
I wonder if that means that people are just waiting for 1.0 :P
Nov 07 2015 21:33
Will 1.0 support multiplatform?
Kevin Modzelewski
Nov 07 2015 21:37
I guess it depends on what we decide to call 1.0 :)
but I don't use a Mac and the Dropbox case doesn't need mac support, so for a while it'll probably be up to a contributor to figure out the issues :/
Thomas Mangin
Nov 07 2015 21:38
having some visibility on your intended roadmap would be nice
(says the man who can not write on for his own projects)
Felipe Volpone
Nov 07 2015 21:48
maybe the project needs more publicity and a bigger presence in social medias
Nov 07 2015 21:56
I think Pyston should become fullly "workable" compiler first. People may doubt it will become second Unladen Swallow. (abandoned at last)
Kevin Modzelewski
Nov 07 2015 21:58
yeah I think good publicity can't hurt, but I think it's tough to keep people interested in a not-ready-to-use project
and we can definitely be more public about our plans :)
I just added something small to the readme, but the goal for 0.5 (ie plan for the next few months) is to become production-quality
so that we can start using it at dropbox
depending on how well we do at that, we might call it 1.0 :)