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Nov 2015
Rudi Chen
Nov 10 2015 15:09
To test paste I need to run py.test from pylib. They have some code introspection function that uses the attributes tb_next, tb_frame, tb_lineno, tb_lasti of traceback. Of those, tb_frame and tb_lasti are a bit tricky to implement.
Those attributes are interesting though. The only place where they are documented is not the traceback module, but the inspect module:
Should it be considered official Python specs, or just something that happens to come with CPython...?
Rudi Chen
Nov 10 2015 15:27
Also, do we have stack frame support?
Marius Wachtler
Nov 10 2015 17:46
I'm currently implementing it :-), should be ready soon (but will introduce some perf hit :-()
tb_lasti and f_lasti can't be really implemented currently - I hope they are not used