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Dec 2015
Dong-hee Na
Dec 29 2015 14:17
and can i ask some questions about malloc() and new() on pyston code?
I learned at class that sometimes malloc() and new() can failed but i can not see memory allocation failed exception on pyston code.
it means that needs not to worry or is there anything i don't know about that problem?
Dong-hee Na
Dec 29 2015 14:22
I apologize for the lack of English skills. :-)
Dec 29 2015 14:28
Pyston do need a MemoryError exception. But not implemented yet. I know it just because one CPython test need it(I don't remember which one now...) Hope it could helps.
Dong-hee Na
Dec 29 2015 14:36
Oh thank you for answering my question :-)