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Jan 2016
Dong-hee Na
Jan 14 2016 03:22
@Daetalus Can i get some hint to solve this problem?
Dong-hee Na
Jan 14 2016 05:04
hmm i try to approach this problem to make arg tuples for list sort i will trying it out~
An Long
Jan 14 2016 10:35
@undingen cool I think is the correct way to do this, we don’t need to run cpythonToPyston every times when we compile a source string to ast, It’s my fault not recognised this problem before :+1:
I found gitter can not re-enable the email notification if you disabled it: gitterHQ/gitter#893 😂
Marius Wachtler
Jan 14 2016 10:57
thanks for looking over it, I will merge it in