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Jan 2016
Marius Wachtler
Jan 17 2016 13:39
Hi, I would suggest to try to get more of the cpythons test running (test/cpython/test_* there is a doc test/CPYTHON_TEST_NOTES which list which ones are currently disabled).
The difficulty of getting a test to run changes a lot between different tests so you may need to skip a few until you find one which fits
We also have a few wiki pages which should get you started.
Rudi Chen
Jan 17 2016 17:55
@Daetalus I've updated dropbox/pyston#1027 but it fails on the last lxml test and I can't repro that error :(
I don't really have the time right now to dig into it either.
Jan 17 2016 18:20
I see. Thanks for your patch. I will take a look to see what I can do.