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Jan 2016
Marius Wachtler
Jan 19 2016 09:47
There is currently no one working on python 3 support and I don't think anyone has plans to start working on it.
While it would be really cool if we would support 2 and 3 I don't think it will happen anytime soon.
Dong-hee Na
Jan 19 2016 15:44
@undingen Can you review #1061 ???
Jan 19 2016 16:01
Go it thanks
Marius Wachtler
Jan 19 2016 16:06
I will take a look shortly
Marius Wachtler
Jan 19 2016 16:44
ok so looks like the approach does unfortunately not work in all cases :-(
because freeze() gets only called on types defined using our C++ api
which is good because it will not get called for types defined in python but it will also miss the CAPI types...
Marius Wachtler
Jan 19 2016 16:51
sorry that our type setup code is so confusing... :-(