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Jan 2016
Jan 26 2016 01:49
I want to get llvm IR from pyston to llvmslicer. Which document can add code to print file.ll to a file? How to do it ?
Kevin Modzelewski
Jan 26 2016 07:02
you can pass -vv on the command line to see the IR we generate
but I would guess that this won't be that helpful to you
the llvm IR is only a tiny fraction of the semantics of the program, and in analysis will probably just look like a sequence of opaque function calls
Dong-hee Na
Jan 26 2016 09:23
Where can I import test helper?
I am testing flask now with some fix
and check flask is running successful
so i wrote test code under test/extra
but it say it can not import testhelper
haha i found it sorry :-)
Dong-hee Na
Jan 26 2016 09:31

I ran with this commend but..

pyston/test/lib$ ../../pyston_dbg ../extra/

it accured error message can I get right usage??

Running ['/home/parallels/pyston/test/lib/../../pyston_dbg', '../extra/../lib/../lib/virtualenv/', '-p', '/home/parallels/pyston/test/lib/../../pyston_dbg', 'flask_test_env_pyston_dbg'] [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '../extra/../lib/../lib/virtualenv/' Error occurred; trying to remove partially-created director

Kevin Modzelewski
Jan 26 2016 09:34
you may have to do git submodule update --init test/
Dong-hee Na
Jan 26 2016 13:31
oh it works!