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Feb 2016
Kevin Modzelewski
Feb 02 2016 01:24
Insteresting paper on implementing OSR in llvm
haven't read it all yet. but they mention us! :)
Marius Wachtler
Feb 02 2016 10:35
Chris Seaton
Feb 02 2016 10:37
They say MCJIT is employed in Rubinius but I don't think it is - they haven't managed to update from the old JIT yet
Are you people using MCJIT right now? Isn't there another new JIT API coming out?
Marius Wachtler
Feb 02 2016 11:46
We are using the MCJIT currently, there is also the newer OrcJIT api which AFAIK also provides a wrapper implementation of the MCJIT API. But I don't think anyone of use tried it yet.
I think the advantage of orc is that it more layered and provides more flexibility but otherwise should be quite similar to the MCJIT one so it probably should not make too much of difference until we take use of the additional flexibility.
An Long
Feb 02 2016 15:11
Seems like we have not set the IS_UTF8 compile flag in compile function now, but I saw this commented code, is there any problems to implement it in this way?
Kevin Modzelewski
Feb 02 2016 21:09
@aisk I'm not really sure
I think what we have there was a "simplest thing that seems to work" implementation
it's probably worth taking the time to see how cpython does it and copy that