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Mar 2016
Mar 05 2016 10:37
does pyston support python 3.5 ?
Mar 05 2016 13:28
@webus Nope...
Kevin Modzelewski
Mar 05 2016 19:09
@aisk we have lots of Python code, and have tried / are trying lots of different things for it :)
I know we've tried pypy a couple times (and there is at least one project that uses it), but I'm not aware of any particular push to use it right now
Marius Wachtler
Mar 05 2016 19:34
I just tried what would happen if we add a hidden class storage mode to our dict implementation:
It's not perf tuned and very basic and adds about ~3.2% slowdown. I have not yet looked at mem stats or stats about how many dicts can use the HC storage.