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Mar 2016
Rudi Chen
Mar 17 2016 03:54
Is it all merged in now?
Kevin Modzelewski
Mar 17 2016 04:32
no, it's just on a public branch
hopefully merged soon :)
Marius Wachtler
Mar 17 2016 18:39
man I made a mistake: just ran make format before committing my change now its hidden in a sea of formatting :-D
Thomas Mangin
Mar 17 2016 18:48
run make format
see the diff with the stashed version :p
do not look my way if stash apply does not work tho
Marius Wachtler
Mar 17 2016 19:02
yeah thanks was able to remove the formatting changes
Brett Cannon
Mar 17 2016 23:54
I'm not sure if you all are aware of the Pyjion project that Dino Viehland and I have been working on, but we are trying to get a JIT entrypoint API into CPython. I know Pyston doesn't have any direct need for this, but I was wondering if you had any feedback on the draft PEP we have written, especially if this would make it easier for you to get Pyston working on Python 3 somehow.