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Apr 2016
Apr 12 2016 18:22
Hi, would you guys mind to build Pyston from scratch? I encountered this problem in refcounting branch:
../../src/runtime/types.cpp:4939: void Py_Finalize(): Assertion `_Py_RefTotal == 0' failed: 332 refs remaining!
Command terminated by signal 6
6.63user 0.11system 0:08.15elapsed 82%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 191044maxresident)k
0inputs+3056outputs (0major+34619minor)pagefaults 0swaps
make: *** [test/test_extension/] error 134
Kevin Modzelewski
Apr 12 2016 18:40
yes the refcounting branch isn't fully working yet
so it's not able to do the steps that require invoking itself
err, our build process has some steps that uses the just-built pyston executable to build some more things
and those steps fail
so for now you need to do PYTHONIOENCODING=utf8 make CMAKE_SHAREDMODS= RUN_DEPS= pyston_dbg
Apr 12 2016 19:01
Got it. Thanks! How to build from_cpython/modules/xxx in this situation?
Kevin Modzelewski
Apr 12 2016 19:06
Well, that's the part you have to turn off
I think actually they built successfully -- you might have to run make again
I haven't tried that yet though
But anyway, for the most part, the sharedmods are not really working so anything trying to use them will fail
We'll hopefully change that in the next few days :)
Apr 12 2016 19:08
I see. Got it!