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May 2016
Nathaniel J. Smith
May 19 2016 13:05
@kmod @Daetalus: some of the intel scripting/numerical team are actually coming to the workshop in july, in part b/c they are trying to figure out where intel should be investing in this space
Dong-hee Na
May 19 2016 13:09
May 19 2016 17:09
The problem described in dropbox/pyston#1161 was gone, but I can't tell which one fixed it by now. Probably by one of @undingen 's exception throw related fixing.
Kevin Modzelewski
May 19 2016 17:16
hmm I'm confused now too, since it looks like the PyDict_GetItem issue was fixed on the refcounting branch for a while, at least according to my understanding of it