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May 2016
Dong-hee Na
May 22 2016 02:00 UTC
May 22 2016 19:00 UTC
Is there has a way to fill the value without call next function in here?
Marius Wachtler
May 22 2016 19:24 UTC
Sorry I don't really understand the question... could you please rephrase it
is this concerning the comment I added above the line?
Kevin Modzelewski
May 22 2016 21:07 UTC
Hi @Daetalus are you working on any of the remaining numpy issues?
I think I have the resize() issue mostly addressed (not 100% solved but passes the numpy tests)
I was going to help look into some of the others if you haven't had time to get to all of them yet
I think it would be great if we could announce that we pass the numpy test suite
I think there's a huge different between 0 failing tests and even 1
Kevin Modzelewski
May 22 2016 21:26 UTC
@undingen are you still looking into numpy performance?
I think we might want to focus on numpy compatibility until the release
since we have the opportunity there to get to a really impressive headline
if you have time, maybe could you look into the safe_zip issue?
it'd be great if we could get rid of our numpy patch
and that's one of the few things left in it
Marius Wachtler
May 22 2016 21:28 UTC
Ok cool will do, I was looking into general perf today
and yes it's sounds much better to get it working without any patch...
Kevin Modzelewski
May 22 2016 22:47 UTC
Yeah I guess I just feel like the difference between "4 failing tests + tiny patch" and "no failing tests + no patch" is quite large when it comes to impressiveness but small when it comes to work
but getting the same effect from performance work right now might take a lot more work :/