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Jun 2016
An Long
Jun 14 2016 03:57
@undingen @kmod 👈 the abstract.c have two functions is accessing PyInstanceObject's fields. do we have this functions to accessing the member already?
Kevin Modzelewski
Jun 14 2016 05:59
This message was deleted
oh, looks like we added PyClass_Name
and we need to add PyInstance_Class
erf sorry the deleted message was "I don't think we've added them yet", deleted it by accident
"Edit" is very close to "Delete" :P
An Long
Jun 14 2016 06:12
@kmod thanks, I'll try to add it 😏
Jun 14 2016 17:47
Hi, guys, please give your feed back about dropbox/pyston#1251. Thanks! @undingen @kmod Then I know where to go.
Kevin Modzelewski
Jun 14 2016 18:52
ok took a look!
I think we shouldn't try to support that Cython code that messes with f_back
it seems like it's actually better (safer, and more similar to CPython) to just remove that block anyway