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Jun 2016
Jun 15 2016 05:45
ok, got it!
Ethan Smith
Jun 15 2016 21:59
out of curiosity I tried running the provided elf binary on the Windows Subsystem for Linux, unfortunatly, it does not run
all I get is:
Have to spill 0 regs around the slowpath
dyn_info = 0x7ffffc590420, table_data = 0x7ffffc5fda88
Segmentation fault (core dumped) 
And I don't think one can build it from source because ninja is not installable atm
Ethan Smith
Jun 15 2016 22:10
Actually, I am going to try building ninja from source
Kevin Modzelewski
Jun 15 2016 22:16
oh wow, I am impressed that it runs at all :)
I think this is farther than we got on OSX
Ethan Smith
Jun 15 2016 22:16
Yeah, me too :)
I am going to try to build and run through gdb
I mean, the WSL (the subsytem) is supposed to be elf64 compatible and very compatible with ubuntu in general
Ethan Smith
Jun 15 2016 22:56
All of the dependencies seem to install from apt, but llvm_up fails
Ethan Smith
Jun 15 2016 23:11
Well, my cmake is suffering from a bug in WSL that had been fized, I'll have to update. I'll report back if get anything building correctly.