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Jul 2016
Jul 07 2016 18:28
Hi, @kmod Would you mind to take a look at dropbox/pyston#1279 only if you have time please?
This is the remaining issue of SciPy.(If the PyCode_New change is acceptable, please see here
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Kevin Modzelewski
Jul 07 2016 20:21
Sorry, am trying to get to it
I'm moving tomorrow so may take a sec to get back to you :)
Kevin Modzelewski
Jul 07 2016 20:39
the line number issue looks worrying
because it looks like we are getting very weird behavior out of a module object, which results in an exception being thrown somewhere it shouldnt
I'll try to look into the underlying issue
Nathaniel J. Smith
Jul 07 2016 20:40
FWIW, weave is extremely dead code that will probably get dropped from scipy at some point (it's already been split out into a separate module in preparation for that)