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Jul 2016
Kevin Modzelewski
Jul 22 2016 04:43
Yeah I think I had a follow-up post saying that I didn't think it was worth looking into
*removing the gil wasn't worth looking into
re: exceptions -- it depends
there's two parts that are slow to it, constructing the exception state (exception object and traceback), and actually throwing the exception
in CPython throwing the exception is fast; the story is a bit more complicated in Pyston
and this is probably what they are referring to in Java
overall it's not super fast because of constructing the exception state
so it's a bit of a mixed bag but it should be faster in Python than in Java
In Pyston it's a bit complicated because we try to guess whether an exception will happen or not, and if we guess that it won't happen and then it does, then it is as slow as java's exceptions (or maybe worse)
Kevin Modzelewski
Jul 22 2016 21:31
@planrich I reran our benchmarks against pypy 5.3.1 and updated the link
The results are more-or-less the same