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Aug 2016
Kevin Modzelewski
Aug 18 2016 00:34
In theory, we could just periodically merge master into the python3 branch
and if most of the work is unrelated to python 2-vs-3 changes then the merges might be automatic
I don't really know if that works in practice
I don't have a great sense of what the implementation difficulties will be; if I were doing it I would just try to make progress on supporting python3 in any form, and then if that goes well then later we can take a look at what it takes and figure out how to make it sustainable
ie my suggestion is to just try to get it to work first and see how it goes
Aug 18 2016 01:25
Please more docs for beginners
I don't know how to use pip with pyston
Marius Wachtler
Aug 18 2016 09:07
Assuming you are using our binary release: you will have to run our patched virtualenv which contains pip...
./pyston virtualenv/ myenv
cd myenv
source bin/activate
pip install nose
hope this helps